Great Price- it's the best time to buy the lowest price of ginseng leaf extract!


Now it's the best time to buy ginseng extract, the lowest price of ginseng leaf extract is FOB China 2USD/KG, and the lowest price of ginseng root extract is FOB China 7USD/KG!

Why is the price so low?
1. Factory delivery price, no second profit.
2. Since Sep.15, 2022, export tax rebates of ginseng extract have changed from 0% to 13%, which resulted in a 13% price drop.
3. Exchange rate between the US dollar and the RMB increased to 7.0, the USD price dropped by 5%.

Why Us

Herb Green Health Biotech is the largest ginseng extract factory in China, with 11 years of production experience and 8000 tons raw material annual feeding volume. If you are interested in this product, we will be your best choice!

We have a complete industrial chain of plant cultivation, extraction, R&D, Food supplement ODM&OEM, and sales

With 30 years manufacture experience ,and we have much rare and great price ginseng extract products.

15 years of experience in the production of active ingredients extracted from plants.

10 years of experience in the production of raw materials and finished products for health products.

Specializes in Ginseng Extract,Mushroom Extract, fruit extracts, herbal extracts and ODM&OEM service.

As a global leader in the manufacture of natural ingredients for the dietary supplement, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.

Ginseng Extract

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