Functional Gummy

Functional gummy is a soft, elastic,tough, transparent or translucent gummy, made from gelatin , syrup and other raw materials, through multiple processes, generally with a water content of 10% to 20%. Functional gummy is a soft, elastic and tough functional (health) candy targeted at children and young groups. According to different formulations and added efficacy ingredients, it is operated through several processes to form a fine and shelf-stable candy-type health food with different forms, colour and tastes, with elasticity and chewing sensation. Jelly candies provide a convenient and fun way to snack on nutrition.

 Target young generation Z

1. The Functional gummy is nutritious,chewy,tasty and colorful, appealing to the health-conscious and appearance-conscious young generation Z.

2.Snack like health food to address children's low preference for medicine

Functional Gummy

Compatible with health functions

Beauty care, sleep, eye care, weight loss, intestinal health, vitamin supplements can be made by adding specific ingredients to functional confectionery.

OEM Product
Functional Gummy
The Package

Functional Gummy

Basic information of Gummy OEM


Estimated period


Production capacity

150,000 Gummy

 40-60 days


 150 tons /month


1)Main products can be directly carried out in the formal production process; customized products need to be evaluated by the Finished Products Service Department after small and medium trials before determining whether they can enter formal production.

2)Customized products need to be charged for small and medium trials; The period of the small trial is expected to be 15-30 days; The start quantity of the medium trial is 100kg and the period is expected to be 30 days.

3) The outer packaging needs to be confirmed by the customer side with the design and printing house after the final pre-production sample, the sample box will be handed over to the factory responsible for picking on behalf of the factory.