Fitness bring us health,promote communication

Following the perfect end of the Wengyuan Lambo Festival on April 7, the sportsmanship of Qingyun Mountain was carried forward, and the badminton team joined the Wengyuan County badminton association officially on April 8!
In order to enrich the lives of employees, allow colleagues to strengthen their bodies after work, improve physical fitness, and show the company's healthy culture, we decided to rent a badminton court in the gymnasium on a regular basis.So that we can play badminton in the gymnasium, from now on every Sunday from 14:30-17:00. In addition, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday evenings,we can also play with other badminton players, and if there is competitions,we can also form teams to participate,let’s implement the sportsmanship of Qingyun Mountain!

Look, our President Chen (Chen Yongqing) and President Liu (Liu Zisen) are leading the warm-up


Do you like to play badminton? Do you know the characteristics of badminton and the benefits it brings to you? This article summarizes the following benefits of playing badminton for the reference of badminton enthusiasts.

1.Beneficial to good health. Playing badminton can promote metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disease, soothe muscles and bones, grow muscles, lose fat, and also soothe eye fatigue, improve balance and agility. 
2. Beneficial to mental health. Playing badminton can be brain-healthy, promote the secretion of dopamine to make the mood happy, improve confidence, get a sense of achievement through exercise, and maintain a pleasant mood. 
3. Beneficial for broadening social interactions. Playing badminton allows you to meet more people and make friends with like-minded people .

Physical activity is helpful for people to become more brave、doughty and also good to improve the ability of Self-protection , self-transcendent,and helps to  increasing the competitiveness, spirit of cooperation and fairness. 

The purpose of cultural activity is to encourage employees to agree with the cultural values advocated by the company, establish correct concept orientation, and enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness through the participation of all employees in the construction of corporate culture.

Corporate culture is the focus throughout the operation of the company,  some companies always spend on entertainment, but this is not reasonable. A survey shows that 65% of people think that the company's group activities such as dinner parties, karaoke and other activities are boring, and they are more willing to participate in group activities that are beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Nowadays, with the rapid expansion of information resources, enterprises always lack internal culture, so building culture has become a trend in the development of enterprises. Through group activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health and positive,  employee cohesion can be enhanced, and employees' need for spiritual improvement can also be enhanced

In fact, there are various cultural activities,our company promotes activities that can have a positive impact on employees and teams. Cultural activities combined with work are better, which can not only improve the enthusiasm of employees, but also improve cohesion, so as to obtain a better mentality and efficiency of work.

Therefore, we company advocates our fitness exercise, and the leaders also take the lead in running, swimming, football, badminton and other sports. Only with a strong physique can we better control life and realize the ideal and value of life!