Natural Sleep Aid ingredients

Natural ingredients shorten sleep latency
While the amount of sleep we get varies for each of us, in general, we spend about one-third of our lives sleepingTrusted Source. Sufficient quality sleep is critical for a number of brain and other critical functions.
Sleep affects almost every tissue and system in your body, including. Heart, brain, lungs, and it also affects certain functions such as metabolism, resistance to disease, and mood.
Poor sleep quality or chronic lack of sleep increases the risk of certain diseases, including depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Excessive daytime sleepiness is a sign of poor sleep quality.
Sleep latency may be a factor in excessive daytime sleepiness.
Sleep latency - also known as sleep onset latency - is the amount of time it takes for you to go from fully awake to asleep.
Sleep latency is the time it takes for you to go from being fully awake to sleeping. It can play a role in sleep disorders. Sleep latency varies from person to person. Sleep latency and the rate at which you reach rapid eye movement (REM) sleep can be used as indicators of the amount and quality of sleep.
Product Name: 5-HTP, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, L-5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan, Oxitriptan, Griffonia seed extract
CAS No. 4350-09-8
ECB. 224-411-1 
Molecular Formula: C11H12N2O3
Functions: Antidepressant, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, control mood, enhance memory, improve immunity, suppress appetite, reduce weight, kick addiction, relieve headache, inhibit alcoholism, impulsiveness and violence. Relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in women.
It is the preferred nutritional dietary supplement for insomnia, depression and stress workers.
Features: 5-HTP is an important substance that regulates neural activity. It is a powerful and safe natural nutrient that aids sleep and calms the mind. It can produce happy mood messengers that affect almost every aspect of brain activity.
activity, from regulating mood, energy and memory to shaping outlook on life. Effective in improving depression. Insomnia, obesity, etc. There is a wide range of applications in the pet, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other industries.

Product Name: Melatonin / N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytrptamine

CAS No.73-31-4

Molecular Formula: C13H16N2O2

EINECS: 200-797-7

Molecular : 232.28


Improve sleep, delay aging, beauty, anti-tumor, regulate endocrine and antiviral. Prevent lesions, circadian rhythms, delaying aging, regulating the central nervous system, the immune system. Regulation of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, and urinary syste.

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