New Product-Innovative liver care Melt-In-Mouth (MIM) Powder for the post-95s

During 2021-2022, the sales of liver care products on e-commerce platforms increased by 329.7% year-on-year and has been maintaining the growth trend. The consumer group of liver care products is concentrated in the post-95s, who are becoming more aware of health care and have increasing consumer demand for functional foods.
TECH-INNO has combined the youth's need for wellness with our unique 3S functional food technology , launching an innovative liver care Melt-In-Mouth (MIM) Powder.

Stay Up Later Healper | Liver Protect

Main ingredients:
Chrysanthemum morifolium, Pueraria Lobata, Cassiae Semen,Bamboo leaf, Wolfberry
Protects liver cells and boosts immunity

Appropriate crowd:
People who frequently stay up late

Herbal Flavor

Fatty Liver Ablators | Liver Detox

Main ingredients:
Haematococcus pluvialis,Hericium erinaceus,Artichoke, Noni.
Functions : 
Reduces fatty liver, lowers blood lipids, reduces the burden on the liver
Appropriate crowd: 
office workers, fatty liver patients

Lime & Mint 
Hangover Fixer | Liver Guard

Main ingredients:
Ticom-Wakup® Combination (Turmeric, Hovenia dulcis, Pueraria ),  R99™ Black Ginseng (rich in Rg3), B-rich yeast, Corn oligopeptides.
Promotes alcohol metabolism and relieves hangover discomfort
Appropriate crowd: 
People who need to drink,or with alcohol allergy

Tropical Fruits

What is 3S

Soluble: Unique loose & porous structure make granule melt in the mouth quickly.
Smooth: Flavor release in moment, enjoy the silk-like smooth.
Stable: Stable system guarantee the activity of ingredients inside.


We can also provide ODM & OEM services according to your requirements.