Parsley Powder
Parsley Powder
Parsley Powder
Parsley Powder
Parsley Powder

Parsley Powder

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
25 kilograms
Supply Ability:
5000 kilograms / Year
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
15-30 Days

Product Name:  Parsley Powder
Product Code:N/A
Assay Method:TLC
Botanical Source: Petroselinum crispum
Botanical Part Used: Acrial Part 
Certification: ISO22000, ISO9001, GMP

Introduction of Parsley Powder
Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is native to the Mediterranean coast. It is a vegetable with high nutritional content. The content of vitamin K may be the highest among all kinds of vegetables. In addition, vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene, folic acid and iron The content is also higher than that of ordinary vegetables. The leaves of parsley contain a variety of plant volatile oils, so it is often used as a seasoning or as a garnish for salads. The volatile oil extracted from the fruits (seeds) and roots of parsley contains flavonoids, which have diuretic detoxification and antiseptic effects. The large amounts of carotene, lutein, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and other vitamins and mineral ingredients contained in parsley have direct or auxiliary anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, freckle removal, immunity enhancement, cholesterol reduction, reduc blood pressure, anti-thrombosis, bone strengthening, etc. Parsley is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, retinal degeneration, arthritis and tumors.

Function of Parsley Powder
·Immune Regulation.

Application of Parsley Powder
Food, Health Care Products, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Functional Drink.

Process Flow Chart of Parsley PowderParsley Powder

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