Qingyunshan Pharmacetical Co., Ltd - Outward Development of Keystone Class

In order to break through self; cultivate a deep trusting relationship between members of the Keystone Class and between individuals and the company; create a harmonious and effective communication environment; develop awareness of the big picture; and build an efficient and cohesive team, the company arranged an outward development on 12 May. This training let each partner open their hearts, break down the barriers between each other and strengthen the team concept.


Day 1: Happy Tribe, Message Pass, Broken Bridge, Trust Fall, Red vs Black

Happy Tribe: Focus on ice breaking and team formation. Break down the interpersonal barrier and start to form a team


Message Pass: Improve communication and enhance team execution.


Lunch: Picnic. Do-it-yourself!


Break Bridge:Break through self-limits and stimulate potential


Trust Fall: Challenge self and build trust between team members.


Red vs Black: Cultivate win-win awareness, learn tolerance and cooperation.

Day 2: Collective catch, Amazing 60 Seconds, Tangram, Power Circle


Collective catch: Strengthen team spirits


 Amazing 60 Seconds: Team decision making and executing. Feel the honour, responsibility and pressure of team.


Tangram: Highlight information sharing: by appropriately allocate information, improve the team’s value as a whole.


Power circles: Share the feeling of success and improve team cohesion.

At the end of the training, everyone shared their experiences for the training. All of them benefited from it and felt it was particularly relevant to their usual work and life.
Day 3: All members submitted a report of outward development to the monitor. Here, I selected some of them to encourage each:

Yu Bin: The project seemed simple on the surface, but after the information was passed around several times, the content was seriously missing and the efficiency was greatly reduced. It is important not to be cumbersome and unorganized in the process of information delivery. In the work, we need to be clear about our responsibilities and output information correctly and in an organized manner.

Nie Meiqin: I couldn't believe that I had actually done it on the “Broken Bridge” (I have a fear of heights). I was able to overcome my fears. Only then did I realize that the difficulty itself is not so terrible, but the fear inside me magnifies the degree of difficulty. Through this game, I learned how to break through the limits of my own psychology. At the same time, I  realized that the potential of personal ability is unlimited. Prove yourself, surpass yourself!

Li Yanyan: I would like to share the game“Trust Fall”(Rules: one stands on a 2-metre high platform and falls on his back to his teammate, while the rest of the teammates take over from below). Throughout the process, the person who falls needs to not hesitate, and the person who picks up cannot let go even if his body is painful. This game reflects the importance of trust between groups.

Huang Zhizhen: The “Red vs Black” reminds me of our company. We come from the same company and belong to different departments. There is competition between us, but we can't hurt each other because of competition, thus sacrificing the interests of the company, which will only make us all become losers.

Liang Peilan: “Collective catch” teaches us to be goal-oriented, not to be afraid of setbacks, to learn to reflect and summarize, to communicate effectively, and to cooperate sincerely in order to create good results in our work.

Wang Minjuan: The team needs a leader, and the leader needs to know the team's goals, resources currently available, and find the right methods. At the same time, he must have the approval of the group members.He needs to hold the team together and give the whole group a unified direction of thought and action.

Huang Shanhua: During the Tangram project, I deeply learned that a team needs a core. A team without a soul is like a scattered plate of sand. A leader without vision not only cannot bring vitality to the team, but will bring chaos and death. There should be the right person in the right position. If there is no one to direct the whole project, no simple planning, no one to dedicate, it is impossible to complete the project in the limited time, which is same in the work.The team is not just a few people, dozens of people, or even hundreds or thousands of people simply standing together, but requires members to unite, collaborate and trust each other. Individual strength is limited, the power of the team to help each other is unlimited.


Outward Bound training is a training method that uses sports technology as a principle, integrates various resources, incorporates technology, and uses unique scenario design to help participants change their attitudes and mental models to improve their behavior to achieve the desire to pursue a better life. I think the company can increase similar outdoor training in the future, from the training we can

1. Improve and strengthen personal psychological quality

The training courses can effectively expand the potential of participants, enhance and strengthen the psychological quality of them, help them to establish a noble and dignified personality, while allowing team members to experience more profoundly the relationship between individuals and enterprises, between subordinates and superiors, and between employees and employees, which motivates the team to work enthusiastically and makes the team more cohesive.

2. Strengthening the teamwork spirit 

Outward Bound is a set of training courses to shape team vitality and promote organizational growth.The training content is rich and vivid, using inspiration as a method of education. The training will become a lifelong experience for the participants, so that the profound truths and concepts in each series of activities can be firmly rooted in the subconscious of each member, and can be effective in the future work cooperation.

3. Experience the challenges of modern society

Modern society is a highly interactive society, is an era of teamwork heroism.In this competitive environment where the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the division of work is getting finer and finer, the work pressure is getting heavier and the emotional communication between people is becoming more and more difficult, enterprises, organizations and individuals need teams more than ever.Outward development training combines elements of high and low challenge, from which participants can be enhanced at both individual and team levels. The training emphasizes “feeling” learning rather than just listening to lectures in a classroom.

4. Cultivate a positive and enterprising attitude towards life

Good team spirit and positive attitude towards life are the basic qualities of modern people, as well as the two core connotations of modern people's personality traits. In modern society, human wisdom and skills can only work if harnessed with this attitude. For this reason, outward development training was born.

However, the following points should also be considered when arranging outward development training.

1.Target group for outward development training

Who needs training? Who should be the object of outward development training? New employees? University students? Management teams?

2.Selection of training projects 

Suit is Best. For example, the outward development training for new employees requires classic projects to build team awareness, establish effective communication, build trust and responsibility, establish a sense of honor and shame, etc. The projects are mainly: Team Building, Trust Fall, Crossing the Grid, Collective Wooden Shoes, Crossing the Swamp, High Altitude Challenge, Challenge NO. 1, Leadership Style, Grateful Hearts, etc.

3.Safety of the training projects

Safety first.