Soft capsules

Soft capsules, also known as gelatin pills, are a type of packaging for capsules, commonly used in pharmaceuticals or health foods, which are made by sealing liquid or liquid solid drugs in a soft capsule material. Soft capsules are made from gelatin, glycerine or pharmaceutical incipient, either alone or in combination (we can produce the ingredients to suit your needs). Soft capsules can be filled with a variety of oils or liquid drugs or suspensions that are insoluble in gelatin, or with solid drugs. Many API in oil, liquid or even paste form can be processed into Soft capsules. Capsule film taste, color, aroma, transparency, gloss are free to choose, compared with other round products, good appearance gloss, eye-catching.

Clean & Nature

  • Sealed capsules can cover some of the odor of the ingredients.
  • It can not be mixed with foreign matter when it is in circulation after being made, and it is a kind of purifying container.
  • No need to add binder, molding agent and other additives, is a natural product.


Stable & Active

  • Capsule strength and film block high, for low boiling point, volatile materials (such as spices) can be stable, content can be stable for a long time, can prevent air oxidation .
  • The content of oil is as high as 60% ~ 85% and deviation is very low. After ingestion, the content of oil is released quickly, the utilization rate and absorption rate are high.

Basic information of Soft capsules ODM


Estimated period


Production capacity

50000 capsules

First batch 35-60 days

Return order 30-40 days


27.2 million capsules /month(medical)

15 million capsules /month(food)


1) Main products can be directly carried out in the formal production process; customized products need to be evaluated by the Finished Products Service Department after small and medium trials before determining whether they can enter formal production.

2)Customized products need to be charged for small and medium trials; The period of the small trial is expected to be 15-30 days; The start quantity of the medium trial is 100kg and the period is expected to be 30 days.

3) The outer packaging needs to be confirmed by the customer side with the design and printing house after the final pre-production sample, the sample box will be handed over to the factory responsible for picking on behalf of the factory.

The Package

Soft Capsule ODM

Soft Capsule ODMSoft Capsule ODM