The job Skills competition of Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

The job Skills competition of Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. :different us,same greatness

Different us hold the different dream;different us getting together under the mountain Qingyun;different us met each other because of the work,and so that let us getting the same greatness.
In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, mediate the tense working atmosphere, and carry forward the spirit of "feel happy to work" , we organized a job skills competition in May, people of each department had passion to take part in the competition !

Round 1: Typing Competition
Typing competition.The rules of the Competition:there is an article was selected randomly in each game ,people will be the winner who type the most words and with the highest accuracy rate within 5 minutes.There are 16 participants, 4 games in all. At the scene,the referee gave an order and at the same time everyone started to type very quickly ,their fingers flying on the keyboard, and the words skips on the screen one by one. When the competition ended, referee and staff announced the results of the game and chose the best one of the participants. In this typing competition, everyone participated passionately and did their best to challenge themselves.


Round 2: Electric Forklift Skills Competition
We held an electric forklift skills competition in the warehouse which store the finished products, the competition included much event, such as driving in a straight line, reversing into the warehouse and so on. During the competition, participants used their skills carefully but skillfully. As we all know, the point of warehouse management is "security", it’s also requires a certain experience and skills to drive forklift smoothly and safely when moving goods ,and there include three skills : stable, accurate and fast.


Round 3: Chinese herbal medicine identification competition
This competition is organized by the R&D department, and there are many departments participated include quality management department, procurement department, production technology department, etc. Competition rules: About 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines were mixed into one bag, and participants need to distinguish and write the name of each Chinese herbal medicine accurately. Contestants prepared well and tried their best to do it. Through this competition, everyone has mastered the skills of distinguishing Chinese herbal medicines: first observe, then smell, and finally taste.


Round 4: pipetting, volume constant competition
As we all know, many chemical experiments sound simple, and in fact, it is prone to make mistakes in the actual operation. Contestants concentrate on the experimental operation,Contestants concentrate on the experimental operation, and after that is the part  contestants canvassing votes. Contestants used various methods to win the support of the referee.The final result was QC and production technology team: Lin Miaochun, Wang Minjuan, Zhang Jinshan, Li Xuemei won.

Pipetting and constant volume are the basic operations of chemical experiments. Through the competition, some problems that are not easily noticed at ordinary times have been noticed. I believe that the value brought by this competition is far greater than the results, which will help everyone to improve their work ability and level.


Round 5:packing competition
Packaging is the last process in production, and people think it's the easiest, but they're wrong. The customer's first impression of the product is the packaging. It is very important whether its appearance is beautiful, whether the packaging is correct, and whether the location of the goods is standard. While the judges were counting, the contestants began to race against the clock. After ten minutes, 10 contestants packed a total of 261 products. It is surprising that no one made a mistake!


Round 6:Bottling competition
There is an old saying: more people are more powerful, we held a bottling competition in the product workshop. The rules of the competition : a group of 3 people, each group uses an iron spoon and a funnel to put the finished product into 180 bottles according to the specified weight. And the group with the shortest time and the highest pass rate wins.


Round 7:sealing competition
The rules of the competition are six contestants, each of whom packs 15kg of goods into three low-density polyethylene PE bags and seals them. The seals must be beautiful and stable.The person with the shortest time and the highest pass rate is the winner.We know 15kg is very heavy, but it didn't bother our competitors, they lifted the goods into the bag with one hand, the movements were smooth and easy. The final judge chose the winner after checking the results.


Round 8:Density judgment competition
We all know that it is difficult to clearly observe substances dissolved in water. Six contestants in the workshop used their experience to observe and calculated the concentration of the paste. The referee determined the actual situation through instrument testing. The comparison showed that two of the answers were correct.The competition process is fast and efficient, which really
tested the experience of the participants.


skills competition demonstrated the company's teamwork spirit and employees' enthusiasm for work. It is hoped that in the future work, all employees of Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can maintain a positive, brave, practical and cooperative spirit, and create a wonderful future together with the company